Hyksos Histories, or Writing ancient Egypt

with John Romer
17:20 - 18:20
£15 non-subscriber, £12 subscriber

Using the astonishing finds from a half-century of Austrian excavation at Tell el-Dab'a in the Nile Delta as an example, this (John Romer’s) talk will pose – and try to answer! – a single question; how can the enormous and ever growing range of writings - from classical and pharaonic texts to the Bible's Book of Exodus and the products of two centuries of intense scholarship - be joined with modern archaeology to make a single, honest history book? 

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John Romer has been working in Egypt since 1966 in key archaeological sites, including Karnak and Medinet Habu. He has written and presented a number of television series, including Romer's Egypt, Ancient Lives, Testament and Byzantium. His major books include The Great Pyramid: Ancient Egypt Revisited and Valley of the Kings

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