Time Traveller’s Guide to Restoration Britain

with Ian Mortimer
18:50 - 19:50
£15 non-subscriber, £12 subscriber

You probably haven’t actually been to the late seventeenth century. So what should you expect to find when you get there? For the benefit of would-be travellers, Dr Mortimer will expand on his favourite Restoration themes – from human skull recipes and the likelihood of your teeth killing you to the rakes’ behaviour and the encouragement of tobacco consumption among children.

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Dr Ian Mortimer is best known as the author of The Time Traveller's Guides: three have been completed to date, namely Medieval England (2008), Elizabethan England (2012) and Restoration Britain (2017). In addition, he has published four volumes in a sequence of historical biographies, which collectively describe the roles of the major powerbrokers in England over the period 1307 to 1415.

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